Real OG Street Edit!

Ben and I headed out into Bath with the intention of rollerblading for a short while, but it turned into a fully blown street skate, first skating from spot to spot and then heading back to mine and getting in the car to go further afield. It’s been years since we did anything like this and it was a refreshing experience to simply going to skateparks.

We hit up ‘Fat Dave’ (naming spots as I write this) first, a big fat curved rail in an industrial estate a short walk from my house. We warmed up here, getting a few basic tricks and getting some lines going with the help of a big red cone. After landing a few tricks on camera we headed west to check out a rail to gap I’d seen from the car before and always wanted to consider skating.

We got to ‘The Dolphin Gap’ (opposite The Dolphin Inn) and actually decided to skate it! We started with a few stalls on the rail and gapping into the road to try it out. Ben started considering gapping from the highest point into the road, and while he was doing this I got a few royales on the rail, gapping into the road. After a car parked on his run up, Ben eventually landed the gap.

We left and kept going west to check out another industrial estate. Behind a large set of warehouses we found a big roll-in which I looked at and began climbing up a few seconds later. The floor was about as shit as it gets, big holes and covered in debris, and there was a big drain hole at the bottom of the roll-in which I covered up with a dodgy-looking pallet. To top it all off there was a huge yellow skip which I would have to swerve to avoid. Great. After landing it I never wanted to do it again.

We spent a bit more time skating around the industrial estate, checking out some crazy drop rails, and before leaving we skated a TV, with Ben pulling out a few soyales and negative makios. On the way back we passed yet another industrial estate, which we ventured into. We found some cool banks and had a little roll on them, but we were getting hungry and sore, with blisters developing (NB: When did I last have blisters from skating?). I filmed a few tricks by Ben and we headed back to mine for lunch. We decided to keep skating and got in my car to head for the Rosewarn Close mini and P-rail Land.

We had a quick roll on the mini but got bored and headed for the nearby P-Rail Land, where we were intimidated by two kids with water guns and scared to skate the rails because we didn’t want to disturb residents. I quickly landed a switch up and we headed on for the Hiscock rails, set deep in Oldfield Park.

We had a quick skate on the rails and then it began raining, so we headed back to mine. All in all a great day, rediscovering the joys of street skating.


A map of all the street spots mentioned in this entry can be found here.

~ by Andreas on March 29, 2010.

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