Slider Bar Complete!

Early yesterday afternoon I was out slaving away in the rain and finally finished building the slider bar, and just 5 minutes ago it stopped raining long enough for me to go test it out, and after a few tricks I can conclude that it works!

~ by Andreas on November 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “Slider Bar Complete!”

  1. Its Amazing!!!

  2. how do you made that tringle?
    i wanna build tis too

    • It’s three planks of wood that are simply screwed together. Call the pieces A, B and C. Place piece A on the ground, lying flat, then place B and C on top so they form a triangle as seen on the final pictures. Get a friend or two to help hold them in place as you screw them together with wood screws (it helps to drill guide holes for the screws first). I also countersank my screws into the wood by drilling a bit extra with a piece larger than the screw head.

      Try to get screws in at even intervals, I think mine are about 8 inches apart.

      Once you’re done, screw the pipe onto the triangle, it will sit in the channel created by pieces B and C.

      There’s a sad end to this story: I finished university and was unable to take the rail with me when I moved home, so I had to throw it away.

      Oh, and try to get a PVC pipe made of thicker plastic than this one, or maybe even a metal rail, as the pipe on this actually broke.

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